Thursday, 8 December 2011

On big cats and babysitting a foster child...

So, I have been stumbling again. I came across one of the most beautiful pictures I think I've seen in a long time.

This is from the website and I would seriously recommend taking a look, the photographer really does have a gift, not that I know anything about photography but even an amateur can tell that these are something special.

I then came across this which linked in with my large cat theme, it contrasts with the mood of the previous picture so much but still conveys a similar emotion. I just thought I'd post it because I actually analysed some photographs without meaning to and I don't have a creative bone in my body!

Furthermore, it may make me sound ignorant but I learnt about tigons and ligers today! I still don't know the difference but I know they're either a male lion bred with a female tiger and vice versa and they are HUMONGOUS. I think the animals themselves are gorgeous but I'm not sure I entirely agree with interbreeding them, but I'm no expert so I can't possibly make an informed comment on it!

In other news, today is my step-dad's 50th birthday and my parents 10th wedding anniversary. I'd say I'd like to wish them both "many happy returns" but that sounds much too for the way our relationship is. I love you both and I'm looking forward to many more! This is the reason why I'm home from Manchester this weekend, babysitting my 11 year old foster sister. Yes, my parents are saints for fostering but my foster sister is a lovely little girl. Well I call her little but she's 11 going on 25 I think. This afternoon when she got back from school my 9 year old cousin came round and we baked brownies, made my step-dad birthday cards/sketches and generally had a lovely time. I wouldn't like to do it everyday though, they were wild and demanding my attention constantly, so much so I burnt my index finger on the grill pan! Great respect for my mum doing this 24/7!

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