Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I was soooo disappointed in Christopher Paolini. The culmination of several years work and it was a pile of rubbish. I've been following the Eragon series for so long that it became almost an integral part of my teenage years and to have it finished off so sloppily was rather upsetting for me! Eragon doesn't get with Arya as you constantly wish for throughout the whole series, she isn't even interested in him and he's apparently never going to see her again. The character's entry in Uru'baen took next to no time and little effort, and the battle scene with Galbatorix was so empty of emotion and was so short that I thought that it wasn't actually over and  that Galbatorix was tricking them or something. Nothing really happens throughout the whole book really, it just seems like a load of waffle so the author can make loads of money out of loyal fans. In my opinion, it was a disgrace.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

On things that are making me procrastinate...

Really cannot get enough of this.

Absolutely AWESOME. Overqualified high school chemistry teacher gets diagnosed with lung cancer and so starts making meth so that his heavily pregnant wife and teenage son with cerebral palsy don't struggle after his death. For such a serious subject it is sometimes even more hilarious than Malcolm In The Middle. Urge anyone that wants a half-decent reason to put off doing work to watch this because it will make you forget about anything you need to do, it's THAT good. There goes the first I wanted at uni...

In other news, stumbledupon this the other day, to leave you with some laughs.

Barack Obama was mentioned a few times in my different lectures today. Different kind of executives were discussed using the presidential model in the USA and the semi-presidential model in France's 5th Republic. Furtheremore in my Global Politics class were we discussed how Obama used green policies to help win his 2008 presidential campaign and then at Copenhagen absolutely refused to set binding agreements on how to approach climate change. Leaves one to wonder...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On starting my third decade on this planet...

Already surviving twenty years in this life, I am now officially into my third decade. Had a small early-life crisis the day before my birthday when I realised it was my last few days of a teenager. How depressing. Now, I'm taking it like a man (metaphorically of course).

Excellent birthday week. Many photos on my Facebook that had to be detagged, that's when you know it's been good. I've spent the day recovering in bed.

Going to spend the evening researching the for and against side of the argument for Turkey joining the EU. Glad I'm actually studying something interesting this year.