Monday, 12 December 2011

On being poor and making Christmas presents...

So our student loan has finally given out (we've done well considering we had to spend near £400 on textbooks between us) and we've decided to make everyone Christmas presents this year with a little help from the craft fairy (my mum).

We've made each of our closest friends a personalised keyring. Made out of bottle tops and resin, they look AMAZING. First of all we chose an image/phrase/name etc. to go inside them depending on the person the keyring was for. It took us literally HOURS in paint to make them the right size when they printed, and then several more hours trying to figure out why the printer wasn't working until we realised that it was because the USB wasn't actually plugged into the printer... Then my step-dad drilled holes in the bottle tops and B attached the key-chain thing so they can now really be clipped onto anything. After that, we hole-punched the images to make them the exact circular size for the bottle-tops with this special hole-punch my mum bought off the internet. Then we glued them in on top of card and stuck the circular resin patch over the top. Et voila! Personalised key-rings for 10 of our friends!

To be honest, we couldn't have bought better presents and our friends will know that our time and effort went in to making them, meaning that they're just that much better!

Finally, we made cards to go with them with a very festive picture of us on.

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