Monday, 27 February 2012

On Dave's 21st and being in the Peaks...

Dave had a children's TV character fancy-dress theme (I was supposed to be Stephanie from lazy town but the wig was a little too long) at his house party in Sheffield before we were meant to be going out to Pop Tarts at the Union. Cameron got absolutely smashed on the drive there on wine and passed out as soon as we arrived (about 5.30pm). He came round when people started arriving though. We all had a great time playing children's party games and then got taxis to the Union (I left my camera in the taxi, it went on a magical mystery tour around Sheffield before I realised it was missing and rang the company, who thankfully sent it back to me in a taxi). Unfortunately Sarah got into a fight (verbal) with a bouncer and he wouldn't let her in so me, Cameron and Blair sold our tickets (I made a £6 profit on mine). Then Sarah managed to get in somehow, I think in a different entrance my memories of this time are a bit hazy, and got really mad at Dave because he wasn't going to abandon us in the middle of Sheffield. We went for a curry in a curry house where I had the most amazing Korma and Cal Sykes completely drenched the table in tap-water repeatedly. Then when we left the five lads all stripped to their underwear and ran through the streets (I have no idea why and felt so embarrassed being the only girl with them). For some reason Dave ran into a studently block grassy-place and all these people cheered and when we looked in a window there was a party of about 50 asian girls, who let us in but half of them had disappeared, probably hiding in their rooms from the strange men in their underwear. So we left, taking with us some Yellow Pages we found on the floor and leaving it on the windscreen of a car further down the road. When we got back we drank tea and then all passed out in Dave's room and I slept using a mattress and someone's legs as my pillow. 

On the Sunday, which was Dave's 21st, we went on a gorgeous walk in the Peaks because it was actually a beautiful day even though it is February. We worked up a massive appetite and decided to go for a carvery where I have never eaten so much in my life apart from Boxing Day at TGI Friday's where I out-ate Blair, Gem and Ruby. 

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend.

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